Balancing the Heat of Summer: An Āyurveda & Yoga Workshop

Sunday 1st December
At Kundalini House
1/391 St Georges Road
North Fitzroy


As summer approaches, the days become long, bright and bursting with energy. For those of us in Australia, summer also arrives in the middle of holiday season and at the crossing of the year. This means increased social activity, busy schedules and a tendency for overindulgence – all things that further amplify the hot, sharp, intense characteristics of summer. Too much of this and we can find ourselves with an over-accumulation of heat by the end of the season, resulting in physical and mental aggravations. As the days become hotter it is important to pacify this intensity with cooling practices.

During this workshop you will learn the importance of aligning with the rhythms of nature. We will begin the afternoon with a cooling yogic practice followed by a discussion on the qualities of summer and how to maintain balance using the principles of Āyurveda. You will be guided through lifestyle, nutritional and herbal routines to reduce aggravations and stay cool during the summer.

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