Rayid Iris and Birth Order

“To look into ones iris is to kneel at the alter in the cathedral of their Soul”

Denny Johnson

Rayid, Conscious LivingDeveloped by Denny Johnson, Rayid is a unique model of Iris Interpretation and Birth Order Classification. Rayid allows the individual to free themselves from any limitations by understanding their innate character and the influence of ancestors on their well-being. Using a range of Rayid therapies, including meditation and visualisation, one is equipped with the appropriate tools to begin healing body, mind and soul. Rayid is a powerful healing art that unlocks the physical and emotional blockages that you experience, that you have acquired through your genetic line and that prevent you from evolving.

With science currently researching the role of epigenetics on health and, interest growing in this area, Rayid has been working with ancestral influences on well-being for over 30 years, paving the way for the future of healing. A Rayid consultation will significantly change the way you view health and healing and will lead the path towards healing yourself and generations after you. What a gift!

– The Consultation

Katerina will interweave Rayid into the consultation of any of the other modalities she offers. It is a way to enhance the understanding of the uniqueness of you and your individual path. As such this can be a wonderful tool to assist you on your road to healing.

A Rayid consultation will consists of a close look into the iris of both of your eyes, an overview of your body structure and a look at your birth order position within the family tree. The information from this will be used to describe your innate character and the predisposition towards dis-ease that both the pattern in your iris and the influence of your birth order indicate. This will bring to light your gifts and your lessons as an individual and how to use these to feel, to grow and evolve and to heal your body, mind and soul. You will also be given specific meditations to practice in order to aid healing.

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