Sat Nam Rasayan

“When you grow into Sat Nam Rasayan, every experience in your life will appear like an infinite possibility. That is the characteristic of the neutral mind”
Guru Dev Singh

Sat Nam Rasayan literally means “deep relaxation into your True Self”. It is an ancient yogic healing technique that uses the meditative projective mind to heal through the state of awareness. The practitioner holds a neutral, contemplative state of awareness, increasing their sensitivity whilst relating to the patient. The moment you enter the state of Sat Nam Rasayan you become nothing, zero, operating from a state of Shuniya. It is through this process that blockages and imbalances in the patient are released creating a profound state of relaxation and a deep sense of health and well being.

For thousands of years the healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan was a secret tradition passed on from Master to student through silence. The current living Master of Sat Nam Rasayan, Guru Dev Singh was taught this healing technique in the traditional manner by Yogi Bhajan, and through the wishes of his teacher he now shares this sacred healing art with the rest of the world. Guru Dev Singh is renowned in the US and Europe as one of the greatest healers of our time.

– The Consultation

“When you become calm and still, the universe starts moving for you”
Guru Dev Singh

During a Sat Nam Rasayan consultation you will lie on your back and simply relax the body as the practitioner uses the projective meditative mind to enter a state of Shuniya. To enter this state of consciousness, the practitioner balances all sensations and brings them to the same level of awareness, allowing resistances to change and/or release as she holds this state of awareness. The practitioner may work generally on you or relate to a specific event or area. It is through this state that any blockages or imbalances are released and a profound state of relaxation is experienced creating a deep sense of health and well being.

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