Seasonal Cooking: Spring

Sunday 29th September
Location: Private kitchen
Address provided upon booking


There is an Āyurvedic proverb that says:“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use; when diet is correct, medicine is of no need.” Yet in a world of busyness, convenience and the desire for quick fixes, the term diet has been distorted. As a result, for most even contemplating changes to diet can be overwhelming.

In traditional medicines such as Āyurveda,the impact that diet has on wellbeing is widely discussed and guidelines are given not only on what, but also how and when you eat. Individual constitutions, age, annual seasonal changes and environment are considered when putting together the daily meal. The kitchen becomes the first place where disease is prevented and wellbeing is maintained.

During this practical, interactive and intimate workshop you will learn how to cook for the spring season ahead. We will explore the effect that mindset, time of the day, food combinations, seasons and the 6 tastes have on our ability to digest and absorb nutrients. You will learn how to set up your spring kitchen from a medicinal perspective, cook a delicious meal and then sit down to enjoy a lunch together.

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