The Summer Solstice: A Kundalini Yoga Workshop

Sunday 22nd December
At Kundalini House
1/391 St Georges Road
North Fitzroy


“The Summer Solstice is one day when the sun is at its ecstasy and the power of prana is the maximum so that you can be enriched with that vital primal force so that your destiny can be rewritten.” – Yogi Bhajan

The summer solstice is the time of the year when the sun reaches it’s highest position in the sky, marking the longest daylight of the year. So as the sun shines its light, we are given an opportunity to align with the rhythms of nature by igniting the light within. With the warming rays infusing all living matter with energy, this can be a potent time to deepen our practice. So let us come together on this auspicious day to draw upon the energy of the sun in an afternoon of practice with a solstice kriya from Kundalini Yoga, followed by the cosmic sounds of the Gong.

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